An Unusual Friendship – Check This Friendly Wrestling Match Between a Dog And a Duck

When a dog and a duck are playing, it looks like an interesting wrestling match is in progress.

The phrase “They love each other like a dog and a cat“, used in a negative connotation, will probably soon cease to be used, considering how many times we have witnessed these two types of animals “hang out” together, and how they can be friends.

However, unusual friendships are not born only between them, and this is indicated by this video that we recently came across.

In fact, this dog found a common language, no less, but with a duck.

They play in the snow, and at some point of time you may feel like you are attending a cute wrestling match.

In addition, the duck nibbles the dog, which could very easily be interpreted as sharing kisses.

Of course, many were delighted by this sight, so they left comments like: “They are beautiful”; “How much they love each other”; “This is the best thing I’ve seen today.”

You can see how it all looked in the video below.

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